Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Creativity comes in many forms and develops as we grow from a child into adulthood. As a very creative person I have developed my artistic skills through Patience and Perseverance, something we don't all have the time for.

My art journey has been a very organic and natural process. Even as a teenager I could not draw people or animals for the life of me. I struggled with the structure and proportions of faces, which is what I wanted to draw accurately. I 100% understand the frustration of trying to create something that you feel you can’t achieve. I believe that anyone can improve if they apply themselves.

I encourage anyone to have ‘Patience and Perseverance’ with any skill you are trying to learn or improve. The techniques I have developed using a range of mediums are only due to dedication and practice.

I want to share my experience as a growing artist as nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement. Please feel free to get comfortable if you love seeing colourful art, an animal lover or just generally a creative person like me.

Hopefully you might even learn something along the way.


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