The types of artwork I accept are listed below,

  1. Oil on a Canvas Board or a Boxed Canvas (Dependant on the size)

  2. Digital Drawing/Illustration

​​My chosen subjects include animals and nature however, I have recently received commissions for vehicles, portraits, home illustrations etc... I don't limit myself to one type of subject when it comes to commissions. If you are interested in my work with a new type of subject please get in touch.



After understanding the size and piece you are looking for, I will request a high-quality photo.

 For e.g. a photo of a pet/person or a strong understanding of the subject. I will then provide a quote for the commission. 

I take a 50% deposit to secure your place in my calendar and for material costs.



This can vary from an Oil Painting to a Digital Drawing.

An oil painting is dependent on the size and number of subjects, please allow 2 weeks -3 months.

A digital drawing can be quicker, please allow 1 week - 1 month, again this is dependant on the number of subjects and the print size. If you are working on a short deadline please get in touch as soon as possible.



I will request that you choose a colour palette for your commission, this is to ensure you are happy with the initial painting/illustration. If you are happy with the results I will continue with the piece and provide frequent updates throughout this process. It's not often a client takes me up on this but for every piece, I offer 1 alteration free of charge. 



After you are happy with the completion of your commission, I will request the remaining balance. If you would like your piece to be framed this can be arranged at a further cost. It will then be protected and packaged accordingly and shipped to its new home. The postage price is included within the commission price.


Painting Commission

Canvas Board

Prices start from £250+ on a 14"x11" Canvas Board, please enquire for further sizes.

Boxed Canvas 

Prices start from £400.00+ on a 24"x20" Boxed Canvas, please enquire for further sizes.


Please don't hesitate to contact me with any further enquiries.